Publication1          A Good Samaritan saved the Ford from a bad death and thankfully had moved it to a safe area at the airport.  That was great news.

I sent Joe with Hanson Collier to the Gibson County Sheriff’s Office.  Leroy would have many questions, and they would all be answered, in due time.  Right now, Hanson needed incarceration, isolation and protection.  He also needed to make that phone call we had discussed.

I, on the other hand, needed some female attention!  Jan, Jack and I made the short trip to Mary Ellen’s house where welcomes, hugs, kisses and stories were expected and delivered.

While they caught each other on recent events, I used Mary Ellen’s phone to call Larry Parker.  He was in.

I briefed Larry and gave him a quick overview, with a promise to add details when I got back to Memphis.  I also asked him to call his FBI contact and let him know that he could find a bundle of Mafia drug money in locker 23 at the Jacksonville, Florida airport.  I had not counted it, but sources trying to steal the money claimed there to be almost 2 million dollars – all in large bills.

Jack used Mary Ellen’s bar and made us a drink. “Carson,” he asked handing me a Jack and Coke, “how could all this happen?”

“Jack, you never know how these bad guys think.  But what you do know is that stealing from the thief always has a bad outcome.”

“I guess you’re right.  But there was a lot of money involved.  A LOT of money,” Jack repeated.

“Right, Jack.  But remember one important thing.”

“What is that?” Jack asked.

“Always know if the juice is worth the squeeze,” I answered.


Jack and Judy had plans, I already knew that.  So when things settled down, I took Liz’s car keys and started the corvette.

“Liz,” I shouted. “I’m afraid I left eggs on the stove in my apartment.  You want to come help clean up the damage?”

She laughed and joined me in the car as we pointed the corvette toward Memphis



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A Florida native, Gerald grew up in the small town of Humboldt, TN., where he attended high school. Following graduation from the Univ. of Tennessee, he spent time in Hopkinsville, KY, Memphis, TN and Newport, AR before moving back to Florida – where he now lives.

While living and working in Memphis, the author worked out of an office located just off the lobby of The Peabody Hotel. Many of the descriptions, events and stories about the hotel are from personal experiences.

This short story fiction work, ‘the Everglades’, is what the author calls ‘Fiction for Fun’.  It uses real places and real geography to spin a story that didn’t happen, but should be fun for the mystery reader.  As quick read, those familiar with the 1962 geography in the novel, will travel back in time to places that will always be remembered.

This is the seventh story in the Carson Reno series. All books are available on-line and at many bookstores and retail outlets.  His book, “Don’t Wake Me Until It’s Time to Go”, is a non-fiction collection of stories, events and humorous observations from his life.  Many friends and readers will find themselves in one of his adventures or stories.


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